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Co-active appreciative coaching is about

  • believing in the client's own resourcefulness, wholeness and creativity

  • believing in the client's potential to become more of who they are

  • focusing on the best experiences of the past, bringing those into the present and creating the client's desired future

  • creating awareness and options to notice and amplify this

  • shifting limiting beliefs and embracing new life-giving beliefs to support the change

  • ongoing learning and personal development

I work as a Personal Coach - enabling transformative change in people. Whether you are at a crossroads in your life, want to move into a different career, want more balance in your life, want to develop new leadership strategies and different ways of managing your team and running your business, Personal Coaching offers a powerful tool.

The initial contract might be for a behavioural change – but for this to be authentic and sustainable there will inevitably be a shift on the personal level. Within the power and safety of a co-created coaching relationship, I will both support and challenge you to notice outdated thinking, feelings and behaviours, and explore and develop new, life-giving patterns that will enable you to live your desired change.

People with whom I work

I have been privileged to work with people from a great diversity of backgrounds, both in South Africa, London and Ireland, and in European and Asian countries via Skype. I am energized by building connection with people, whether they are from large corporates or work as rural community health care workers. The spark that draws me to work with people is their desire to grow, their willingness to be authentic and open and their preparedness to claim their responsibility in shaping their futures.

I work with self-motivated people who want to discover more about themselves and also impact the communities in which they live and work. My clients have a connection with their spiritual selves, however they might express that and are open to learn practices of mindfulness and other techniques, that enable them to be more and more in touch with themselves and fully present in each moment.

Coach Supervision
Supervision is the most important aspect of a coach’s continuing professional development. The supervisor is able to take a meta-perspective on the coach and her work and context, and so enable perspective, especially within the complexity of multi-party contracts.

It is a collaborative, reflective process that encourages, inspires, challenges and deepens the coach’s personal and professional self.
The supervisor's attitude is "How may I join you in your learning?" rather than expecting the supervisee to join the supervisor in their teaching. It asks the question "What might we discover together that we might not discover alone?" (Mary Creaner in Supervision as Transformation edited by Robin Shohet)

I offer individual supervision sessions as well as supervision in groups (with a maximum of 6 per group). Ongoing individual supervision enables the supervisor to understand and notice patterns and trends in the coach, and challenge deeper self-reflection and courageous growth and change.

Coaches report the following benefits of group supervision:

  • personal empowerment

  • hearing what other coaches do and feeling supported by a coaching community

  • learning about different types of clients that they haven't yet experienced

  • being in a safe space to be vulnerable to learn and grow

  • being enriched by learning about different training backgrounds and approaches

  • raising their level of skill

  • becoming more self-reflective

  • developing their ethical thinking

  • fulfilling the continuous professional development aspect of professional coaching

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    Professional Coach Training

    I am a coach trainer for Coaching Development in South Africa. We have been offering professional ICF accredited coach training in SA since 2011.

    For a complete overview of Coaching Development's programmes, see www.coachingdevelopment.com

    In South Africa we offer these training programmes (ACSTH) as both in-house and public programmes.


    The Coach Practitioner

    Face to face module starts 1st Sep 2018 in JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA

    Connect via Zoom for the ongoing interactive learning days

  • If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got.

    When you change the way you look at things,
    the things you look at change.
    - Max Planck

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